New Dances


New Dances

On this page we will keep you up to date on any new dances, and any line dance holidays we are due to attend.

Choreographed by: Gary O'Reilly

Music: I Ain't Gotta Grow Up

Artist Logan Mize

Choreographed by: Heather Barton

Music: "Beer Money"

Artist Kip Moore

Choreographed by: José Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland

Music: Take Down

Artist Rayelle

Choreographed by: Karl-Harry Winson and Kate Sala

Music: Hurt

Artist Louise

Choreographed by: Karl-Harry Winson

Music: At Least You Cried

Artist Midland

Choreographed by: Laura Sway & Rob Fowler

Music: "Angelina"

Artist Michael English

Choreographed by: Robbie McGowan Hickie

Music One On My Own

Artist Claire Richards

Choreographed by: Darren Bailey

Music: All She Left Was Me

Artist Hardy

Choreographed by: Vikki Morris

Music One More Last Chance"

Artist Vince Gill

These are the next Linedance holidays we are going on.

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