This new page is to keep you

 entertained while you stay in

This page is for you to join in and keep dancing and to find amusing posts to while away the time at home. 

Keep coming back as I will post Country Music artists performing.

While we are in lock-down I will update page at least every week.

Keep coming back as Debbie will be putting some linedance tuition on this page, and maybe a dance hour for you to join in at home.  Let Debbie have some feedback so that we can keep you all entertained.

We may not have a hall to dance in, but we can do it together online. Just move the coffee table out of the way. put on your dancing shoes and join in.

To view video in full screen click on box  at the bottom of the video. To leave full screen click ESC top left of keypad.

This is the first attempt, apologies for the sound problems but we are working on it.  Also, the mistakes in Beer Money are just for Dot as she requested them.  Hope you enjoy dancing.  See you soon.

You will need to join ONLINE UK COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB on facebook to see this

The Club will be posting their paypal accounts before and through the performance. If you can give even £1 fab, if you can't but can be here to cheer them on AMAZING.  

Well after the success of this afternoon’s ‘live’ I have decided to make it a weekly occurrence until all this is over. I was overwhelmed with all the lovely comments, thank you. And sorry if I didn’t do your request, I will be making a note of all of them and including them next week so make sure you’re watching! Xx

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Dorset Hospital If this doesn't brighten your day, we don't know what will! Our Emergency Department are absolutely fantastic and are working so hard for our patients - and definitely keeping spirits high!

Could be a new linedance

I am keeping safe while Debbie is dancing.

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