This new page is to keep you

 entertained while you stay in

This page is for you to join in and keep dancing and to find amusing posts to while away the time at home. 

Keep coming back as I will post Country Music artists performing.

While we are in lock-down I will update the page at least every week.

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all well and ready to join us, for another dancing at home session.

So let's start dancing with The Golden Eagles again.

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Hi,  if you have booked for Jersey

The balance will be due shortly.  I have been in touch with Isle of Wight Tours to see if it is going ahead, this is the reply I have received.

Dear Ian

As discussed, we will know more in the next 2 weeks when the Government looks to ease lockdown further where we should have clear guidance on how we can operate safely.


We will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis and we will be advising our customers as we know more.


With regard to your balance payment please wait until we let you know that the trip will be running.


Kind regards




Shirley Winn

Managing Director

IOW Tours Ltd

3 New Road



Isle of Wight

PO36 9JN

At the time of paying the balance I will need to know the names of people travelling and date of birth passport or id number, also if making your own way to the ferry we will need the form back for the tickets to be sent to you.

More details as we get them

Morecambe and Wise First 1978 Special

My Corona by Chris Mann

Funny Old People Dancing Compilation

The Two Ronnies - Four Candles

Coronavirus Rhapsody (based on Bohemian Rhapsody)

Jasella's First Dance Recital - Tap Routine

Just like the class after Debbie teaches a new dance.

Maybe Barry could do this instead of Morris Dancing?

By Sandra Speck

Today it’s rather windy,
But it seems to be keeping dry,
A good day to do my washing,
As I look up at the sky.

I’m feeling rather hopeful,
That the rain will stay away,
The clouds are whizzing by quite fast,
And it does look rather grey.

But determined as I am,
One load is ready to go,
All sorts going in as I close the door,
Shutting it hard using my elbow .

As soon as it’s done it’s on the line ,
The second wash has just begun.
I’m lucky you see, I have two lines,
And both out in the sun .

I sit and have a well earned treat,
A cup of tea in my chair,
Relaxing as I watch it blow,
Looking at all the things we wear.

I close my eyes, then hear this noise,
I jump up and then run out,
The lines have broke, washing everywhere,
I know, without a doubt.

Back to the machine I go once more,
Feeling rather dejected,
What a waste of time, I start again ,
The lines are fixed and corrected.

Flight attendant has cabin in fits of laughter during his safety demo

How many of these dances can you do?

Hey now, This is me, in the Morning Sun Let’s get physical. I Stomp down to the Ocean to see Wave on wave.

I see Red is the Rose Off the beaten track. I met a Pretty girl and Playboys who say People are crazy Dancing on my island. She says I’m Not that kind of girl and Never gonna grow up.

So to Stitch it up, In comes the night, Where we’ve been (I remember when), the Memories, Sweet attraction and A little more time.

I just want to Tell the world about Faith hope and love. Darling that’s the truth.
Back Home to Donegal to Come dance with me Clueless and Shaky Till it ends.
One 2 go when Cooler than cool with the Chill factor, get Closer, Don’t hurt,

I’ve been waiting to Get wild to say a big thank you.

No Washing Up Ham Egg Cheese Pockets

Fishin' In The Dark (Sitting Down) - Line Dance -

A new dance for us

As some of you know I have been building a fence.  Can you spot my mistake?

Fishin' In The Dark - Line Dance

This is how it should be done

SUPPORTING THE LINE DANCE INDUSTRY. The ulitmate online experience, fri 3rd July, 1-9pm, be prepared for the best virtual party. Don't leave it too late to grab a ticket.


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