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 New class teaches this week,

Train Wreck 

Choreographed by:Niels Poulsen

Music: "Can't Let Go" by Jill King

Day One.. One Day

Choreographed by: Ria Vos

Music:' One Da by BEXAR

Old Teaches


Choreographed by: Rob Fowler

Music:' Corn - Blake Shelton

My Bestie

Choreographed by: Colin Ghys & José Miguel Belloque Vane

Music:' "Iko Iko" by Justin Wellington feat Small Jam

Sweet Attraction

Choreographed by: Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard and Dee Musk

Music:' What Gave Me Away" by Trish Yearwood

(feat. Garth Brooks)

Same Boat

Choreographed by: Rachael McEnaney-White

Music:' Same Boat' by Zac Brown Band

What A Song Can Do

Choreographed by: Heather Barton & Andrew Hayes

Music:' What A Song Can Do" by Lady A


Choreographed by:Willie Brown

Music:'Bumblebee' by Katee Kross

She Cares

Choreographed by: Niels Poulsen

Music: "She Cares" by Patrick Dorgan

Into The Dark Night 

Choreographed by: Vicki Morris

Music: "Runnin" Wild" by Midland

I've Seen It All

Choreographed by: Gary O'Reilly

Music: "All I Need To See" by Mitch Rossell